If you want to fight if its been your dream then we can make that dream come true the IBA has sanctioned the Essex Fight Academy as the main gym that produce top level fighters. The gym owner is none other than IBA world cruiserweight champion Victor Smith.

It is a fully equipped fight and fitness factory, based in Loughton Essex, easily reached by road, rail or bus.



8 times IBA champion


Great all round fight trainer but has a new approach to the hook and jab pads.


Former top-level ABA boxing coach.
Former pro-fighter and undefeated IBA champ


Former ABA champion and NABC champion.

There is a full size competition boxing ring, all leather bags, a great selection of bodybuilding and strength machines along with a separate strength and conditioning room, with access to our own strength and conditioning coaches.

As you can see by our poster.  If you want to fight then you have clicked on the right website.

If you have never ever had a fight in your life and you want to, we at IBA boxing can help. We have boxing gyms all over England with top trainers who will guide you on your journey to the ring we will make sure you are ready.  You will be matched with someone your own weight and experience you will never be overmatched.

At ringside we do not only have a top doctor but we have three paramedics plus a fully equipped ambulance on site.  You will be weighed in on the day of your fight, as your heath and safety is paramount.

Also all you experienced boxers you will have the chance to earn good purses and get yourselves into the IBA rankings. And of course fight for titles

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