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IBA started in the early 1990s by Alan Mortlock.   We are now probably the largest semi pro boxing organisation in England.

President and Founder is Alan Mortlock and promoted his first boxing event at the well know nightclub, Woolston Hall (The Epping Forest Country Club).

The IBA started with 30/40 fighters, we now currently have between 700/1000 fighters from all over England. The IBA is part of the Independent Boxing UK (IBUK), who are the sanctioning body.  All fighters joining IBUK pay a yearly fee of £40, with which they receive a fighters licence and are insured when they compete in a boxing contest.  This also entitles all fighters, trainers, etc. a 20% discount with one of our main sponsors England’s leading boxing supplier Boxfit UK.

IBA venues are:

  • Circus Tavern Night Club in Purfleet Essex
  • City Pavilion, Collier Row, Romford Essex
  • Liquid Night Club, Colchester. Essex
  • York Hall Bethnal Green, London

The IBA caters for all levels of fighters; from the 1st time novice to seasoned experienced boxers and all fighters are matched even.

Our safety record is second to none, we have a chief fight doctor at all fights and have a fully qualified paramedic crew with fully equipped state of the art ambulance on stand by.

We have high level referees; our chief referee is Mr Gary Bedford, a former top boxer himself and has been with the IBA from the start. Also on board now is former champion professional boxer and cage fighter Mark Potter.

The IBA has now joined the IBUK organisation, through which all fighters are licensed and insured, ready for when they compete.

As you’ll see on the Fighters/Rankings page of this web site, we have our own champions and rankings.

We have access to several fight gyms and top boxing trainers, so if you are interested in taking up the noble art for your first fight or if you want to box on the biggest promotion in the UK then check out all info throughout this site.

NEXT EVENT: 17th March 2018 : Circus Tavern

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There’s 3 ways to get tickets to our events:

Contact Alan Mortlock, IBA President:
Tel: 07930 494396  |  Email:  alanmortlock@yahoo.co.uk

Contact Circus Tavern Box Office:
01708863838 or 01708864001

Book Online via National Box Office